Kiribati Project with Te Toa Matoa

In September 2012, Te Toa Matoa, a group of performers with disabilities from Kiribati, spent a month in Melbourne for the Using the Arts as an Advocacy and Community Education Tool project, hosted by the Australian Federation of Disability Organisations. The project was aimed to provide training opportunities for people with disabilities from Kiribati to enable them to use artistic media such as radio, theatre, music, video and animation to advocate for the rights of people with disabilities and to raise awareness of those rights within their communities.

Rollercoaster and Te Toa Matoa spent four days together, sharing stories, forming relationships and creating work.

Workshops Facilitated by: Jessica Huon, Sarah Sutherland and Carolyn Bock
Rollercoaster Ensemble Members: Michael Buxton, Eli Jones-Resnik, Erin Pocervina, Melissa Slaviero, Cameron Stanley and Andrew Tresidder
Te Toa Matoa Members: Kaburoro Baiteke, Tekamangu Bauwira, Ren Itonga, Bauraoi Keakea, Riano Kobebe, Tewaaki Konititan, Baia Namoriki, Regina Ritiata, Meekabwa Taberannang, Bobu Tabuia, Teuai Tainimaki, Kantaake Teingira and Tabwaia Tiimi
Production Manager: Rachel Edward

Image credits: Kc Summerville