Rollercoaster Theatre Company is a not-for-profit ensemble of trained actors with disabilities from a wide range of backgrounds. We formed as a company due to our collective inability to find any ongoing opportunities for actors with disabilities in Melbourne, and we have been successfully creating theatre together ever since. The work we are producing now is more powerful than ever, and we are excited share it in our most ambitious project to date, directed by Maude Davey, coming up in August 2017 at Melba Spiegeltent in Collingwood.

Artistic Director, Sarah Sutherland and Co-Director, Jess Huon are both professional working artists. Actor Sarah Sutherland (Red Stitch Actors Theatre, MTC, Angry Boys – ABC,BBC,HBO) and writer Jess Huon (The Dark Wet – short story collection) are committed to creating inclusive theatre that cannot be relegated to therapy or benevolence but stands as part of an artistic mainstream. Their work with Rollercoaster grabs attention, entertains and, as a potent by-product, educates about the abilities and potential of people with disabilities.

Mission Statement

Rollercoaster Theatre Company is an independent, not-for-profit ensemble of trained actors with disabilities. Our work provides a platform for our actors to create theatre that defies expectation, challenges stereotypes, and raises the profile of performers with disabilities. The Rollercoaster ensemble is led by a team of professional theatre makers who are committed to developing new work that is rich, potent and stimulating. Our intention is to support the individual artistic agency and development of each actor,  creating theatre that cannot be relegated to therapy or benevolence but can stand as part of an artistic mainstream. Our performances are shown in the diverse contexts of established theatre venues, corporate functions,  educational forums and community festivals.  Our work explores universal themes, yet is primarily driven by the desires, aspirations and unique insights of the individual artists.  We aim to artistically celebrate diverse perspectives and bring marginalised voices to the fore.